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Some Useful Info. Ahead of Recreational Cannabis

Hello everyone! Even though the blog just started recently, I am going to write an article unrelated to accounting and taxes. I want to write to talk about what consumers of cannabis can expect in California when cannabis becomes recreational. On Jan. 1, adults (21+) may purchase cannabis from a licensed dispensary. This does not mean that people should be lining up in front of their local dispensary waiting for midnight to hit to buy legal cannabis. Retailers are only allowed to sell cannabis between the hours of 6 a.m and 10 p.m, so people will have to wait until then to buy it.

Not all cities and counties are embracing the cannabis movement, and due to this consumers should not assume that on Jan. 1 they will be able to purchase cannabis everywhere. Check your local laws and regulations to see if the county or city you reside in allows recreational cannabis within its limits. Also, not all dispensaries will go recreational. Some of them may continue to sell to people for medicinal purposes only, depending on the circumstances.

A benefit to all this regulation is that cannabis products will be fully tested for harmful pesticides, mold, etc... by a third party lab. This ensures that the product is tested fairly, and that cannabis cultivators can not push through harmful products to the consumer. The testing is fairly rigorous and some of the long established companies in the cannabis industry do not think a lot of companies will make it pass the tests. However, dispensaries do not have to fret over its current inventory becoming unusable due to the temporary licenses that will be issued at the start of the year. This temporary license lasts about 120 days and can be extended. During this time, the dispensaries may sell its untested product or illegal products such as pot gummy bears.

The change over to recreational cannabis should not have any noticeable changes for the consumer except the price. Just give the rules a glance and nothing will be able to surprise you. Here is a link if you wish to know more about the laws and rules.

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