5 Things To Know

California marijuana buzz is huge, but Los Angeles sellers still can’t cash in

State law has made it legal since New Year’s Day for Californians to buy marijuana to get high — not just to treat their medical ills[...]


California and Marijuana Tourism: What You Need to Know

​First, it became legal — on Jan. 1, 2018 — for adults to enjoy recreational marijuana, and for shops (as well as medical dispensaries) to sell cannabis in California, thanks to the November 2016 passing of Proposition 64 by voters[…]


Why California may not dominate the pot market

California is a U.S. leader in many crops, but some constraints that may prevent it from dominating the marijuana market across the U.S., at least for awhile[…]


Pot sales now legal in California, but you can't find it everywhere yet

At one minute after midnight Monday, Nick Hughes at the Cathedral City Care Collective was celebrating more than the new year: He had his first legal recreational marijuana customer — perhaps the first in all of California.[...]


Pot 101: Facts you should know about California’s legal marijuana

Recreational marijuana sales became legal in California on Jan. 1, 2018, marking a major milestone for the state’s cannabis industry and its many customers[]


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