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Justin Sanford - Founder
With a degree in Economics and 5 years experience working in taxes and accounting, Justin's expertise in small business finance is an asset to any new or existing company.  His extensive travel around the world brings an additional layer of understanding in emerging businesses.  During his temporary stay in Australia he worked in a mobile analytics company and was engaged, first hand, in the finances and processes of the small business.  This has given him a close and deep understanding of the financial needs of small businesses.


Susan Aki - Consultant
Susan is an Enrolled Agent with over 27 years of experience in the tax accounting field.  Her experience includes all areas of taxation, accounting and planning specializing in small business and real estate. Susan has represented her business clients for her entire career and has settled numerous cases before all levels of the IRS, Franchise Tax Board and State Bard of Equalization in California.  Although based out of Southern California, Susan has represented and advised clients all over the country and really understands the concerns raised by confusing and seemingly conflicting state and federal regulations regarding obligations of accounting and taxation in cannabis operations.
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